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Politikana is one of the most prominent UGC political news and opinion website in Indonesia.

Politikana headlines in the works

The idea of crowd-generated and crowd-moderated site was conceived by Enda Nasution, the blogfather of Indonesia.

We assist Enda to realize his strong vision to an engaging website.

The cornerstone of this publishing engine is a unique ranking algorithm developed by Thriveta. The algorithm sorts the most noteworthy articles based on users' feedback.

5 months since its inception, Politikana has grown into a vibrant community of 5000+ users. The engine has been spun off to other populer website such as,,, etc.


A crowd-run political news and opinion website. Thriveta developed a unique ranking algorithm to sort the most noteworthy articles in this 5000 and growing community.


Multi-domain single sign-on system (SSO) for seamless login experience.


Cascada, a graphical key performance indicator (KPI) tools suitable for small firms to highly hierarchial organizations.


Helios, 360-degrees behavior assessment system for 200+ enterprise. Historic database allows assessments to evolve, while maintaining past ones's integrity.